Drive the future of business and life in DuPage County.

Collaborate, advise and nurture the next global business phenom as an Innovation DuPage Partner. Working with businesses from raw ideation through maturity and growth, your participation will help strengthen the DuPage business ecosystem and your own business in the process.

Meet Our Partners

Support DuPage County’s small-business culture by giving back.

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Grow the DuPage economy with an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The DuPage County economy is an ecosystem. New businesses bring new jobs; new jobs bring new people; new people bring opportunity for more business.

ID was created to strengthen this ecosystem. We grow and maintain a pipeline of talent from academic institutions and industry partners – encouraging creative, talented people to explore entrepreneurship right here in DuPage. Meanwhile, we help promising businesses succeed by forming collaborations and removing the “risk factor” of a startup. As we build our entrepreneurial ecosystem, outside investors will continue to be attracted to DuPage, and our economy will continue to grow.

Connect with a strategic alliance of
academic institutions and industry partners.

Research and governmental organizations partnering with ID have first-hand knowledge of cutting-edge ideas and innovators.

DuPage County is home to two leading DOE (U.S. Department of Energy) national laboraties: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory. Both organizations, along with officials from DuPage County government and cities and townships within the County, have signed on to mentor, advise and collaborate with the entrepreneurs and innovators who take a seat at Innovation DuPage.

Educational institutions reap ID rewards for students, faculty and staff.

ID is the ultimate hub for real-world learning. Academic institutions that partner with ID can integrate ID-related workshops, lectures, capstone projects and internships into new and existing BA and Graduate programs, while expanding executive MBA programs in conjunction with ID and networking with other Partners.

Collaboration is the key to learning in the ID culture of entrepreneurship. Students can learn from their peers embedded at ID. Faculty can advise, mentor, teach or earn discounts on their own memberships. Staff can participate as fully as they’d like.

Businesses and corporations partner with ID on their own or through their chambers of commerce.

ID is about helping businesses and the economy grow in DuPage County. By partnering with ID, businesses in DuPage can give back, while taking advantage of new technologies, new thinking, and the next generation of influencers who are enjoying the culture of collaboration as ID members. Chambers who partner with ID give access to all their business members as a win-win-win for all parties. The expectation is for the culture of DuPage collaboration to maintain and grow the entire region as a global leader.

Strengthen your programs
and unlock new opportunities.

All ID Partners benefit from:

  • Connections with the leading entrepreneurs of the region
  • Collaboration with other Partners and with the members of ID
  • A more networked educational, governmental and business environment
  • Growth through economic development
  • Access to grants and expanded fundraising and investment opportunities
  • An engaged next generation of leaders