Remove barriers, so your business can be all you envision. And more.

The ID Acceleration Program is an intensive course designed to accelerate your business and build momentum for the future. Whether you’re looking to grow your customer base, improve your operations or break into a new market, we’ll help you get there. Because this is more than a course. This is a community.

Created for business leaders who are ready for the next level.


MyID Feature:

How Gindo’s is becoming the Three Floyds of craft hot sauce

This is the story of a business that tweaked its operations to become (almost) as amazing as the hot sauce it produces. It all starts with an idea. Read…

Surround yourself with a community of entrepreneurial rock stars and creative minds.

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs who have been in your position and want your business to succeed. As you develop target areas of your business, you’ll encounter a wide range of experts both within and outside of your industry, as well as mentors, peers, alumni, investors, community leaders, creative minds and corporate partners.

Get laser-focused on
critical areas of your business.

We’ll work together to identify and strengthen the areas of your business that demand attention:

  • Creating a strategic plan for the future
  • Identifying growth markets
  • Addressing scalability at every level
  • Fine-tuning your role as owner/CEO
  • Incorporating emerging technologies
  • Unlocking the potential of your employees
  • Understanding your financials
  • Reaching new audiences through social media, marketing and sales