Led by instructors with deep experience, the accelerator program not only teaches but also connects business owners to influential mentors.

Fall 2020

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Reserve your company’s spot in this 12-week intensive program for owners and managers of construction-related businesses

March 24, 2020

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Surround yourself with a community of Vetted Mentors

During the course of this 12-week intensive program, participants learn in an immersive environment focused on financial planning, leadership, organizational strategies, digital marketing, sales, emerging technologies and human resources.

Get laser-focused on
critical areas of your business.

We’ll work together to identify and strengthen the areas of your business that demand attention:

    • Creating a strategic plan for the future
    • Identifying growth markets
    • Addressing scalability at every level
    • Fine-tuning your role as owner/CEO
    • Incorporating emerging technologies
    • Unlocking the potential of your employees
    • Understanding your financials
    • Reaching new audiences through social media, marketing and sales

MyID Feature:

How Gindo’s Owner-to-CEO experience helped them

ID’s Accelerator program took a comprehensive approach to Gindo’s Hot Sauce. Mentors and fellow entrepreneurs helped the Ginders identify “bottlenecks” in their business model – inefficiencies that have a negative impact on the business as a whole – and improve those areas. . Read…