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Our construction industry program is specifically designed to assist Hispanic, female and veteran business owners.


March 24th 2020

Leadership & Strategic Planning

  • Improve personal leadership performance
  • Assess the entrepreneurial mindset and the mindset of your team – are they intrapreneurial?
  • Competitive advantage considerations; examining current business plans and optimizing your organizational structure to support your business model

Marketing Strategy

  • Promoting your product through the right channels
  • Determining your customers’ compelling needs
  • Projecting future trends, needs and motivators
  • Determining the ideal positioning of your product or service


  • Developing sales pipelines
  • Effectively creating, tracking and acting on leads
  • Opening sales dialogues and closing sales
  • Delivering exemplary client care to generate repeat sales

Contract Bid Process

  • Request for Proposals (RFP’s)
  • Getting bid opportunities
  • Types of bidding
  • Winning more bids while maintaining margins

Project Management

  • Planning a project
  • Initiating a project
  • Critical path

Insurance & Bonding

  • Bid and performance bonds
  • Builders risk insurance
  • Hold harmless agreements


  • Deferring business risks in the industry
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Litigation avoidance
  • Mechanics lines

Information Technology

  • Supporting daily operations and accelerating efficiencies
  • Current platform assessment in four areas
  • Streamline processes & advance the IT innovations that are right for your business

Human Resources

  • Understand your company’s current culture and team
  • Learn to slot the right people for the right job
  • Identify critical issues related to the HR function as they relate to growing business


  • Understanding financial reports and how they relate to scalability
  • The relationship between your balance sheet, profit and loss statement and cash flow
  • Learn to become a Profit Master
  • Spot signs of financial improvement opportunities
  • Using case studies to practice positive impact on the bottom line
  • Specialized section for construction companies on issues distinct to the industry such as percentage of completion accounting, payment cycles and cash flow management

Additional Mentorship and Coaching

ID mentors are available to provide coaching customized to your business needs, focused on applicable areas such as: legal, marketing, operations, finance and sales. Business mentors may be available outside of program hours.

Recommended Eligibility

    • You must be a small construction business owner or a small construction business manager
    • Business Criteria – 2+2+2:
      • In operation for at least two years
      • Revenues at least $200,000 in the most recent fiscal year
      • A minimum of two employees. Owner(s) may be included in this count


    • Attend regularly
    • Complete 24 learning sessions over 12 weeks
    • Out-of-class assignments will be required.
    • Participate fully—leave your cell phone at the door
    • Create an Accelerator Strategic Action Plan over the course of the program
    • Complete an initial assessment and follow-up assessments