COVID-19 Recovery Analytics: Using the Power of Data Recap

Every organization and person around the globe has been impacted by the Coronavirus. Companies are looking for new ways to use data and information to plan in their recovery and move their businesses forward successfully in the new environment. Join our virtual lunch ‘n’ learn and hear from leading data experts on key techniques and ways to utilize data to drive your recovery planning to optimize your business.

Watch Chief Analytics Officer Larry Blackburn and Data Analytics Industry Consultant Rob Wellen of Datatelligent.

View video highlights from this webinar below!

Combatting Threats with Advanced Analytics

Rob Wellen

Companies are looking to get a better understanding of their business during this difficult time. Critical questions to ask yourself:


What are the threats and opportunities relating to my business and the local market?


How can I optimize my business and better serve my customers?

How can I reduce risk?


What are the trends for “What if” scenario planning?

Business Recovery Tracking

Rob Wellen

These tools provide business owners with insight on how to make sense of COVID-19 data in relation to their business.

Localized Impact Map

This enables companies to integrate COVID-19 case data with their own business data in order to view their business impact and where their customers are located.

Business Recovery Tracking

Utilizing this model allows for “What if” scenario planning and trends a business against COVID-19 case trends. Track and make decisions against impact on local markets.

Data Visualization: Snowflake+ Power BI+ Tableau

Sam Guererro and Rob Wellen

Now is a great time for organizations to invest in Cloud and data analytics tools. Rob Wellen, addresses tools that businesses can use for data tracking. What platforms are the most beneficial and commonly for entrepreneurs and small business owners?

To find out more about the tools discussed in the video:

Tableau: Data-driven technology allows for improved business intelligence through embedded analytics. An interactive and visual analysis of your company.

Power BI: Data made visual, view insights at scale and take strategic, actionable steps. Make decisions with confidence with one of the largest and fastest growing intelligence clouds.

Snowflake: This software supports a multi-cloud strategy, including a cross-cloud approach. Features available through Snowflake include: data exchange, insights and analytics, data engineering, data warehouse modernization and enabling developers.

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