The Doctor Is In … and Helping Women Celebrate Their Feminine Power

Off the shoulder fashions for women are hot. And it’s no wonder because the look is both fun, flattering and—surprisingly—empowering! So said Dr. Symone Lewis, the inventor of Barelastics, a reverse suspender under garment that keeps an off the shoulder look where it belongs: off the shoulder (OTS).

Lewis said, “Wearing off the shoulder fashions exudes an air of competence and confidence. Baring your shoulders communicates a deep yearning to be seen and heard and it’s a powerful way to make a statement and a first impression.” Supporting that sentiment, according to, the majority of designers in 2019 embraced the idea of “you do you,” meaning women are encouraged to embrace a fashion style that suits individuality with the unifying concept being the expression of female empowerment.

Founding a Company to Solve a Problem

In 2017, Lewis founded Shoulder Bare, Ltd., as the manufacturer of the Barelastics product, which has a patent pending. Lewis speaks of women’s empowerment from the credibility of being a working licensed psychologist with an earned doctorate in clinical psychology.

Beauty is power. I believe baring your shoulders is one way forward for women in demonstrating that power.

Lewis said, “Beauty is power. I believe baring your shoulders is one way forward for women in demonstrating that power. But if you’re tugging at your sleeves or fidgeting with your garment, it communicates the exact opposite. I saw a problem with wearing OTS fashions and remedied that problem with my invention. There is an air of sophistication when women bare their shoulders, whether in an office environment, at a gala, going through everyday life or at the beach, but only if they feel confident in their choice of garment. Barelastics make that happen for women who choose OTS fashions.”

Nonverbal Communications Make Impressions

Some have reported fifty percent of all communication is nonverbal. Also, many believe first impressions often are lasting impressions. OTS fashion has been a thing since the mid-1800s and has never really disappeared, with either both or even one shoulder bare, often stealing the show and attracting eyeballs on occasions from red carpet events to weddings to business meetings.

Lewis loves it. “In my opinion, women should celebrate the feminine. In our current culture womens’ voices are often not valued and their opinions are often under-represented and underfunded. Expressing yourself is an inalienable right. The pursuit to be all you can be is a deep-seated need and if you’re not heard you’re not represented,” she said.

How Innovation DuPage Has Helped

Lewis has been marketing her product online since 2018 at She has identified contract manufacturers and worked out quality-control issues on the product for small, medium, large and mega orders, but still considers the marketing and selling of the product second to her day job as a working psychologist.

“I want to scale and designate Shoulder Bare Ltd. my first job. Innovation DuPage is helping me with so many things to make that happen. I have so many ideas for additional products to be marketed under the Shoulder Bare Ltd. banner, but I just need that one big break and I believe Innovation DuPage is going to be that spark to make it happen,” said Lewis.

Moving Confidently Forward

Follow the empowerment journey of Shoulder Bare Ltd. and its Barelastics product with Dr. Lewis on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Connect with Lewis on LinkedIn. We can “barely” contain our excitement as we watch women around the world discover Shoulder Bare Ltd, Barelastics and Dr. Lewis as she demonstrates the art of baring shoulders and soul with utmost confidence.

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