A Startup to Help Startups

Randy Micheletti spent close to a decade as a very successful corporate lawyer employed by a large law firm where he represented huge deep-pocketed clients. The legal services provided by large law firms are not cheap. Often such services are more than a blossoming startup can afford. Yet, startup companies are the ones need legal services just as sophisticated and timely as the largest corporations. Micheletti recognized this as an opportunity to create a startup of his own—a startup that provides legal guidance throughout the tremendously daunting journey of starting a company from the ground up.

Micheletti’s vision and goal is to work with companies young and old on a more personal level. His startup, Incubate IP, is a law firm that specializes in catering to the needs of startup companies. Turning an idea into a company requires a lot of legal work and guidance. Knowing this, Incubate IP strives to help startups with a variety of tasks from setting goals and assessing challenges to protecting intellectual rights with patents, trademarks, copyrights and licensing. Most entrepreneurs deal with some or even all of these topics very early in their life cycles. Incubate IP aims to provide those critical services to startups for which the large corporate law firms are out of reach.

Legal Services for Startups Start for Free

When Micheletti begins working with a new client, the first step is an assessment of the entrepreneur’s entire legal needs—which he provides for free, unlike most large law firms. This free initial counseling is just one way in which Micheletti makes his law firm friendly to those with startup-sized budgets. It also allows him to work with his clients personally so he can understand their goals and vision to better counsel them. Because Micheletti’s company is also a startup, he can truly relate to what his clients are experiencing, which is a unique perspective, and it enables him to provide the kind of service a startup would never receive from a large law firm.

Already Incubate IP has helped companies from all over the United States, from the East Coast to California—and even overseas—although most of its clients are based in the Chicagoland area. Micheletti has found no shortage of entrepreneurs in need of Incubate IP’s services.

Landing at Innovation DuPage

Innovation DuPage was a perfect landing spot for Micheletti and Incubate IP. Micheletti said that Innovation DuPage provided him with the resources to grow his brand and the connections to expand his clientele. Several Incubate IP clients are members of Innovation DuPage already, and more and more are recognizing the tremendous value of the entrepreneurial community thriving at Innovation DuPage. The conference rooms that Innovation DuPage offers have proven to be a huge help, considering Micheletti runs Incubate IP from his home in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Micheletti said being able to work with and around such a diverse group of entrepreneurs has helped tremendously in the growth of Incubate IP. And, likewise, Incubate IP has helped the many startups working at Innovation DuPage.

A Man of Many Talents

But Micheletti’s deep legal experience isn’t the only service he offers his fellow startups. With a BS in chemistry and an MS in organic chemistry, it’s safe to say Micheletti is a man of many talents. He is also an adjunct professor at IIT’s Chicago Kent School of Law and, in his free time, he plays the trumpet for multiple musical groups in Chicago. What can’t he do? A lawyer, chemist and musician who traded in his corporate law job to create a startup of his own, Micheletti is thrilled to work with young entrepreneurs trying to build companies, just as he is himself.

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