How Dots Make a Difference

When Tim Fates’ mother passed away from cancer a short time after a nephew contracted a rare genetic disease, a realization hit him. There was an opportunity to create a new product to support the causes he cared about that were so badly in need of awareness and funds. Tim, a designer and Glen Ellyn resident, is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is the founder of dotUP, the manufacturer of “dots,” the newest way to support organizations and causes.

Shortly after launching dotUP, Tim negotiated his first fundraising and awareness campaign

When first beginning his startup, Tim examined the Livestrong movement of the early 2000s. The yellow Livestrong bracelets seemed to be on everyone’s wrists, and wristbands in the colors of many other causes and organizations were soon to follow. By raising money and awareness, this simple product made a big impact. Tim has the same goal with dots and dotUP.

A Better Way: dotUp

Tim created dots, a simple yet bold product with the potential to make powerful social change. Dots are colorful wearable accessories that show one’s support for a cause. They can be worn on garments, bags, and accessories, either indefinitely or for a day or event.
Dots can be affixed in two ways. By clipping onto garments and accessories,  dots can be worn without damaging the material to which they are attached. Dots also come with a simple and intuitive cord mechanism that allows them to be securely attached to the straps and handles of bags and used as zipper pulls on bags and garments. With the near endless possibilities of ways to accessorize with dots, the product makes it fun and easy to express one’s individuality and support. Like the Livestrong and other silicone wristbands, Tim imagines individuals collecting dots from their favorite causes and organizations.

The spark for dotUP occurred when Tim’s nephew was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, or SMA, a rare genetic disease that can often be fatal. Tim saw the need for a new product to support charitable organizations with fundraising and awareness and began designing and prototyping. When Tim’s mother passed away from breast cancer, he knew the need was profound, and he founded dotUP. Shortly after launching dotUP, Tim negotiated his first fundraising and awareness campaign with Bright Pink, a Chicago-based national non-profit organization with an innovative approach to preventing breast and ovarian cancer. dotUP created a custom design and hashtag for the campaign and encouraged supporters to have fun and creatively share their dots online.

3D Printing and Dots

Dots are currently manufactured utilizing 3D printing technology. 3D printing makes dots highly customizable and makes smaller production runs of custom product cost-effective. Dots can be produced in many colors and decorated with any message or logo. When the production of dots is scaled up, Tim intends to utilize the most sustainable materials and production methods possible, ideally manufacturing dots from fully renewable and biodegradable materials.

Innovation DuPage Doing Its Part for Dots

When Tim joined Innovation DuPage he found it a challenge to identify the proper business model for his startup and to keep up with marketing initiatives. With any startup, it can be difficult properly position the product against competitors and gain traction in the marketplace.

Since working with Innovation DuPage, Tim has been able to effectively map out his business strategy and pursue introducing dotUP to local communities. dotUP has also improved its social media presence thanks to the marketing efforts of Innovation Dupage. In addition, Innovation DuPage has provided Tim with a positive workspace where he can collaborate with other entrepreneurs and receive valuable business guidance.

In the near future Tim hopes to partner with major national non-profit organizations and smaller organizations alike, eventually leading to the distribution of millions of dots, and making positive social change at the largest scale possible. These little dots will have a big impact!     

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